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Family Life International exists to restore respect for the sanctity of life from the moment of conception through to natural death, and to restore the pre-eminence of the traditional family as paramount in God’s plan. We work to save babies from abortion, to tell women the truth about contraception, to teach chastity to teenagers, and to fight the insidious onslaught of the population control movement that promotes abortion and contraception as methods of worldwide “family planning.”

The family, the foundation upon which society is built is under attack. The abandonment of traditional values has led to a number of problems. These include an ever-increasing divorce rates, significant increase in the number of children with only one parent, education without values, the elderly and sick at risk through euthanasia.   Our society is engrossed in materialism, and pornography, violence is sold as entertainment on peak time television.

What was easily recognised, as wrong only a generation ago is now considered socially acceptable. Adultery, contraception, abortion, the promotion of sodomy, and sex education programmes which is the catalyze of life style and teen promiscuity has become commonplace. It seems the world has become hardened to evil, since it is so widespread.

As an educational apostolate, FLI holds regional, national and international conferences. We invite leading experts to talk on the most critical issues of our time. Our guests leave these conferences strengthened in their faith, and better equipped to combat the Culture of Death in their communities.

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